Downtown Waterfront Bellingham

A New Waterfront Community

Overlooking the Bay

Following the completion of Waypoint Park, the next project is the construction three blocks of condominiums by the water to create a community that bridges the gap between Downtown and the Waterfront.

Residents will enjoy waking up to bay views & connecting with nature.

The Downtown Waterfront is a quiet and peaceful environment located only minutes from the city.

convenient & modern

Situated by the water with views over Bellingham Bay & the Islands, these modern condos offer pedestrian-friendly walkways and parks.

The ground floor offers convenient retail and commercial space with street and water frontage attracting complementary end users.

The condominiums will be designed and finished to a high quality and built to a scale that complements the existing built environment.

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See you at the beach!

years of preparation

Be one of the first people to enjoy the brand new Waypoint Park.

Hundreds of plants, shrubs & trees have been planted in the park, offering meandering walkways, children’s playgrounds and large-scale artworks repurposed from industrial artifacts that acknowledge the site’s previous history.

Enjoy Bellingham's unique skyline with views of Whatcom Waterway, Lummi Island and cityscape.

Wander down to the beach to enjoy the waterfront, and notice the restoration of the natural habitat.

Waypoint Park - Opened in 2018

Log scramble in the new children’s playground

family fun

Just a few steps away a quaint playground awaits providing a natural play experience, with a nod to the site's history.  

Before you leave make sure you stroll along the paths down to the park's namesake, the art installation known as the “Waypoint Acid Ball". 

This industrial relic, originally used in wood pulp processing, has been turned into sculpture that lights up at night. Discover the interactive reflective glass beads by shining your own light on the art piece!

Waypoint Park is just the start of 33 acres of new parks to be added to the former Georgia Pacific site.

The Port and City have partnered to develop a Heritage Trail Concept which includes recommendations on how to showcase historic icons remaining from Georgia-Pacific's pulp and tissue mill.

 Escape the
hustle & bustle

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The Waterway District

A wide promenade will front the waterway connecting to the park’s trail system to the new Waypoint Park and Downtown area.

A combination of retail, restaurants, and water oriented businesses will be located at ground level.

Building scale and geometry has been designed to complement the scale of the existing City skyline.

Architecture & Design

The condominiums have views of Bellingham Bay, Downtown and the surrounding mountains.

Facades have been divided into modules and rhythms which are unique to each building.

Construction materials will be high quality, comprising natural materials including stone, brick, tile, concrete, metal and glass.


Primary Design Objectives:

Pedestrian Experience – Provide safe, inviting access to waterfront and public open space. Car parking will be located underground

Views – Maintain view corridors to waterfront and maximize daylight and views of environment

Architectural Aesthetics – Incorporate interesting design styles, features and amenities that engage and interact with pedestrians and residents

Sustainability – Incorporate sustainable systems into development such as photovoltaics, district energy, and high-efficient building envelope

A wide promenade will front the waterway connecting to the park’s trail system to the new Waypoint Park and Downtown area.

A wide promenade will front the waterway connecting to the park’s trail system to the new Waypoint Park and Downtown area.

 Enjoy the calming
benefits of living
next to water

Harcourt Granary Ave Condominiums-4.jpg


The Residential Condominiums are located next to Waypoint Park on the waterfront